Baking Recipes

Edd Kimber’s Mixed Berry Traybake Enjoy yet another of Edd’s foraging recipes inspired by our garden. This tasty tray bake is easy to make and... Read More
15 MIN Easy
Edd Kimber’s Oat Muffins These fab breakfast muffins, courtesy of our friend and Great British Bake Off winner, Edd Kimber, are perfect to... Read More
 MIN Easy
Strawberry And Rhubarb Crumble Nothing beats the warm feeling of eating a crumble after polishing off a delicious Sunday dinner. This delicious recipe... Read More
15 MIN Easy
Chocolate Muffins Recipe The muffin. The older brother of the cupcake. Not as sweet, but just as delicious. This one is no... Read More
10 MIN Easy
Chunky Nut Breakfast Bites These delectable breakfast bites combine Jordans Cereal and wholesome oatmeal to make the best breakfast bite you’ve ever had….rather like... Read More
15 MIN Easy
Chocolate Brownie Just you try resisting the gooeyness of our cakey brownies. By melting chocolate into butter, and combining with eggs,... Read More
15 MIN Easy
Fruit & Nut Biscotti The clever folk at Seasoned Cookery School very kindly created this rather fancy Biscotti recipe using our Jordans Cereal! Read More
20 MIN Easy
Plum & Apple Crumble Tart This delicious little tartlet recipe will fill the house with the smells of Autumn. Read More
40 MIN Easy
Raisin Chocolate Crunchies How can something so simple taste so lip-smackingly good? These tasty crunchies use Jordans Cereal to add the delectable crunch,... Read More
5 MIN Easy